Gender Equity – 3 Strategies Your Company Can Implement Today

3 strategies to increase women in leadership in 2021

Recently, I was part of a Women in Leadership Strategy Session. The goal of the program was to outline 3 strategies companies can implement NOW to increase women in leadership in 2021.

The strategy session has hosted by Collabera and featured a panel of strategists include thought-leaders in gender diversity, corporate ethics, procurement, and the science of organizational behavior.

With women still underrepresented in leadership positions, and with this year bringing disruptive events that have forced organizations to rethink the future and to step up their game across the board, a lot of companies have been announcing new initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and increasing women in leadership. However, few companies have strategies in place to support improving women in leadership roles in the next five years.

What everyone can agree on (and what recent research supports) is that companies that fail to implement and promote inclusive policies face potentially devastating roadblocks in the near future including financial risks, problems acquiring and retaining employee talent, and failing to engage an increasingly diverse consumer base.

During this strategy session, Dawn Serpe, SVP of Collabera, spoke with a panel of experts on diversity and inclusion:

  • Denise Lombard, Director of Responsible Procurement at Cisco Systems and co-leader of the SJ Women of Cisco’s Community Outreach pillar, which is focused on increasing young women’s excitement and awareness around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers
  • Jeffery Tobias Halter, a gender strategist and the President of YWomen, a strategic consulting company focused on engaging men in women’s leadership advancement
  • Venus Rekow, the Founder of Neural Shifts, a consulting firm specialized in helping leaders drive culture change through a Diversity & Inclusion lens

This strategy session focused on how managers can identify and break down silos within their organizations that hinder gender diversity and will provide the beginnings of a roadmap of actionable steps they can take today to “right the ship” for 2021 and beyond!

Click here to watch the recap of the Leadership Strategy Session. Additionally, you can review the report on the “Key Takeaways: 3 Strategies Companies Can Implement NOW to Increase Women In Leadership in 2021.”



Which of these tips will your organization implement in 2021?