Actions for Advocates

Actionable Steps to Advocate for Women at Work

Actions for Advocates

Are you looking for actionable steps that you can take to advocate for change in your organization?

I’ve developed a series of actions that men and women at any level in their organization can take to drive change

Check out my 10 Actions for Advocates. Download, print, and hang this in your workspace. This single act demonstrates to colleagues that they can approach you as a coach, mentor, sponsor and concerned co-worker. It also serves as a reminder that every action -- big or small -- moves us toward a more equitable future.


Become an advocate for gender balance and workplace equality.

In 2015, I launched the Father of a Daughter Initiative as a voluntary opt-in program for fathers who, like me, realize that we have a responsibility to advocate for women in the workplace. You may be a senior leader, department head, supportive colleague or small business owner. By opting in, you are committing to at least one of the following activities to demonstrate your commitment to advancing women and by default advocating for your daughter’s future.

Over the years, I’ve created versions of the pledge to encourage others to make a personal connection and opt-in to do this work in support or honor of the women in your life.

Father of
Daughter Pledge

Women Championing Women Pledge

Advocating for Women Pledge

Advocating for Women of Color Pledge

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"Real change with a sense of urgency will never take place until we understand the realities women face in the workplace. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to be an agent of change."