Creating Gender Advocates

Virtual Series

In most organizations, up to 30 percent of men are ready to become advocates, but many lack the skills and training to demonstrate advocacy on a daily basis. Additionally, women may lack the tools and strategies to advance and support other women. Best-in-class organizations have documented three critical success factors to drive and sustain change:

  1. Visible and vocal support by at all levels to advance women
  2. Deep integration of the company’s women’s leadership strategy across the organization
  3. Active male engagement and advocacy

In this six-module program, Jeffery Tobias Halter outlines the steps you and your organization must take to create real and sustainable change. Each module includes a downloadable video and participant’s guide for self- or team-paced participation.



To jumpstart your advocacy program,
we are making two foundational modules available for FREE!


FREE MOD 1: Why Women - The Leadership Imperative

In this session, we establish our learning structure and Guiding Principles, and we outline the challenges and inequities facing women in the workplace. Participants will deepen their understanding of:

  • Where they are as allies and advocates as a benchmark for our work together
  • How advocacy connects to company strategy and the bottom line
  • The barriers to male engagement and solutions to overcome the barriers 


FREE BONUS for Business Resource Groups
Creating an Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategy 

This session outlines the steps to develop the strategy, tactics and measurements required to create an Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategy. This activity is ideal for Business Resource Groups that want to tie their activities to top-level organizational goals. Participants will learn how to:

  • Create a plan that focuses on women as a mission-critical business imperative 
  • Drive better Sr. Level buy-in, commitment, and resources (i.e. more money!)
  • Maximize the impact of your Executive Sponsor



Full Program Series Available Mid-December, 2020

Mod 2video pict-color

MOD 2: Operationalizing the Business Case

Create a locally relevant “Business Case for Women” regarding revenue, talent, engagement. 

Mod 3video pict-color

MOD 3: Leveraging Gender Differences

Understand and be able to leverage the unique differences that women and men bring to the workplace. 

Mod 4video pict-color

MOD 4: Disrupting Unconscious Gender Bias

Explore unconscious bias and take a deeper dive specifically into gender.

Mod 5video pict-color

MOD 5: Deepening Gender Competency

Leverage the intersectionality of the business case, gender differences and unconscious gender bias.

Mod 6video pict-color

MOD 6: From Advocacy to Action

Capstone session to pull it all together and help participants to redeploy materials to the broader organization.