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Win(e)d Down Wednesday Podcast and
Staff Meeting in a Box

The concept is straight-forward - a contemporary discussion on advocacy, inclusion and your role in driving change.

Our goal is to create a brave and welcoming space for much-needed DEI conversations about what’s happening in the workplace and marketplace. You know, those conversations that you wish you could have at work but aren’t having.

To use the podcast as a staff-meeting-in-a-box, use the search window to select a topic or theme, have your team listen to the episode or episodes, then discuss key takeaways during your next meeting.


To thank you for your support and share some holiday cheer, Jeffery Tobias Halter and Amanda Hammett, invited Atlanta entrepreneurs and mixologists, Erika Moore and Raquel Ravenell, aka Whiskey and Rosemary, to create and share a cocktail tutorial. Mocktails are also available on their social stream. Wishing you a joyous, healthy and happy holiday season.