What is a male ally with Jeanette Thebeau

The number of women advancing in leadership roles isn’t changing. One reason is that a key part of the equation is often missing – men. Many corporate gender initiatives focus on changing women – how to gain confidence, take a seat at the table, negotiate for themselves, and be heard. While these skills are important the underlying structural issues thwarting women’s advancement remain. Building a culture of respect and equal opportunity is not a cause for women to champion alone. Men still dominate leadership roles, control decision-making, and significantly out-earn women. In order to achieve sustainable change and create a culture in which both women and men can excel, men must be a part of the conversation and stand as allies for women. Jeanette Thebeau, Chief Acceleration Officer, of Integrating Women Leaders Foundation, discusses the first nationally-focused study to measure the perceived practice of allyship to women in Corporate America today. Join us for this timely conversation.

IWL Allyship-In-Action Study