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The concept is straight-forward - a contemporary discussion on advocacy, inclusion and your role in driving change -- best enjoyed with your favorite wind-down beverage of choice.

Our goal is to create a brave and welcoming space for much-needed DEI conversations about what’s happening in the workplace and marketplace. You know, those conversations that you wish you could have at work but aren’t having.

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Episode 46: Engaging men as allies and advocates with Brad Johnson, David Smith and Jeffery Tobias Halter

September 14, 2022

There isn’t an easy button for creating a gender-equitable workplace. What does it take to get men to participate in women’s leadership and diversity initiatives? Today’s guests agree that it will take leadership and hard work along with a community of allies and advocates to create real, sustainable change. Join us for an unfiltered conversation about advancing women at work. We’re calling this session “beer with the allyship guys” as Amanda Hammett hosts a candid discussion with Jeffery Tobias Halter and returning guests Brad Johnson and David Smith about male engagement and advocacy. Grab a cold one and tune in! You don’t want to miss this extraordinary conversation as these thought leaders grapple with a complex problem, share best practices, and discuss trends.

David Smith and Brad Johnson’s website and books

Jeffery Tobias Halter website and books

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Episode 45: Real conversations about money with Meredith Moore

September 7, 2022

Talking about money is hard. Our guest, Founder & CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies, Meredith Moore, says that it can even be “yucky.” How do we have better conversations about money? Meredith returns to the podcast to talk about the history of women and money and long-held cultural norms around the topic of our finances. Listen to discover why she stresses the importance of financial education and engagement. Don’t miss her tips for establishing a baseline for understanding our finances and improving transparency and communication in our relationships. Join us over a glass of Black Box Pinot Noir as we get real about money.


Artisan Financial Strategies
Women & Money – A History by Meredith Moore
White paper on women, money and power dynamics in relationships
Parents Guide to Kids and Money
Family Financial Cadence Flow – (downloadable pdf)

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Episode 44: Workplace culture, burnout and mental health with Samantha Pitre Quillen

August 31, 2022

Your employees are savvy. They want to see employers’ values and culture ‘baked-in’ to all elements of the employee lifecycle and extended to dealings with customers and vendors. Samantha Pitre Quillen returns to the podcast to detail why performative theatrics are out and why organizations must be genuine as they define foundational values and culture. Tune in for the recipe for the Quillen 5149 (LaCroix, tequila, Sprite), and together let’s look at workplace culture, stress, burnout, and mental wellness in the workplace.

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Episode 43: Tamika Curry Smith – the diminishing role of CDOs

August 24, 2022

In this episode, we pull back the curtain on DEI and delve into the marginalization of the Chief Diversity Officer within many organizations. Tamika Curry Smith returns to Win(e)d Down Wednesday to discuss the paradox many DEI professionals find themselves in today and her insights for taking DEI to the next level organizationally. We’ll also talk about the diversity ‘pipeline problem’ along with the role of leadership in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. It’s hot outside, and we’re addressing the hot topics inside. Put in your earbuds, and let’s get this conversation going.

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Episode 42: Michelle Travis: The Connection Between Gender Equity at Work and Home

August 17, 2022

Gender role stereotypes are often learned at a young age. How can we disrupt gender stereotypes in order to create a more equitable world? Michelle Travis returns to the podcast to discuss how gender stereotypes and bias shape gendered education decisions, career paths and conceptions of leadership and how they connect to gendered interactions at work. To help disrupt the formation of these stereotypes, she wrote the children’s book “My Mom Has Two Jobs,” which celebrates working moms for both the unpaid work of parenting and their contributions to the paid-labor force, showing women in a diverse range of career roles. Michelle also shares tips for fathers to help normalize the idea of being a working dad, reminding us that parenting is work and a labor of love for both genders. Pour yourself something refreshing and join this important conversation.


About Michelle Travis

My Mom Has Two Jobs

Fathering Together

Gender Advocacy

Actions for Advocates

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Episode 41: Brad Johnson and David Smith: How can men show up as allies?

August 10, 2022

Men, it’s time to hone your GQ – gender intelligence. Understanding bias in the workplace will help you see how it affects your co-workers. Brad Johnson and David Smith return to the podcast to discuss their book “Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace.” Over hazy IPAs we talk about the role men can play in supporting gender equality, GQ and allyship at home. Listen to learn how to lead loudly and show up as an ally.

Resources: Partnership Audit: Eve Rodsky Fair Play

David and Brad’s books:

Episode 40: Kathryn Valentine: Salary isn’t the only thing you can ask for

August 3, 2022

Did you know that the propensity to negotiate is a key factor in helping women stay in the workforce? It’s not just about dollars and pay levels. Consider non-salary requests that will position you for success today and help propel your career forward. Kathryn Valentine returns to Win(e)d Down Wednesday to talk about gender, effective negotiations, and how to position yourself for success. Join us — we’re pairing rosé and Banshee Zinfandel with a discussion on effective negotiation tips for women.

Learn more about what’s negotiable

Prior episode with Kathryn Valentine on the gender pay gap

Episode 39: Meredith Moore: Power Dynamics and Money

July 27, 2022

Did you know that 29% of women are the breadwinners in dual-income households? This week, we spend time with financial advisor Meredith Moore talking about women and money. After noticing several trends with her clients, Meredith approached academia for insights and data on personal relationships and money – specifically women breadwinners, income disparity, and decision-making. We’ll explore the power dynamics and money along with her insights on how to navigate communications and transparency in your relationship. She also shares her strong recommendation that there are certain things in life that you don’t want to fully delegate to someone else. Don’t miss this important conversation about the essentials of creating a foundation for your financial future over lattes, Black Girl Magic Rosé, and California pinot noir.


Artisan Financial Strategies
Women & Money – A History by Meredith Moore
White paper on women, money and power dynamics in relationships
Parents Guide to Kids and Money
Family Financial Cadence Flow – (downloadable pdf)

Prior episode with Meredith Moore on real conversations about money


Episode 38 – Samantha Pitre Quillen: Stress, burnout and turnover

July 20, 2022

Sometimes it takes a new approach or turns an old idea on its head to allow more people to participate fully at work. Employees often start jobs wildly excited and energetic, but over time they get frazzled and fizzle out. Samantha Pitre Quillen shares her creative and innovative strategies to address workplace stress, burnout, and turnover. Pour yourself something refreshing and join us for a fast-paced session of Win(e)d Down Wednesday with tips to engage and reinvigorate your managers and their teams. We’ll tackle the importance of metrics tied to coaching, mentorship, and promotion and dive into the art of skills building.

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Prior episode with Samantha Pitre Quillen on workplace culture and mental health

Episode 37: Tamika Curry Smith – Making DEI an organizational imperative

July 13, 2022

Tamika Curry Smith returns to Win(e)d Down Wednesday to discuss DEI and how organizations can elevate their initiatives to drive action and systemic change. She encourages companies to assess and explore several areas, including their DEI structure and framework. What are the metrics? What about accountability? And most importantly, how do companies extend the responsibility of DEI beyond HR to the whole organization? Tamika asserts that DEI is not an HR-focused strategy, and to be successful, it must reside within the organization with actions taken by every employee. In this blockbuster episode, Tamika shares her insights and strategies for taking DEI to the next level organizationally.

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Prior episode with Tamika Curry Smith on the diminishing role of CDOs

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