Creating Gender Advocates – Virtual Series

Creating Gender Advocates virtual series

Two Free Gifts to Accelerate Advocacy for Advancing Women!

Announcing the YWomen creating gender advocates virtual series.

This year has been filled with unexpected twists and turns. Given the headlines (like the recent Labor Department report that 865,000 women over age 20 dropped out of the American workforce in September compared with 216,000 men in the same age group) we are losing women from the workforce at an unprecedented level. Unless we take IMMEDIATE ACTION, we will lose 20 years of progress in advancing women. To this end, we need to double-down on our efforts to focus on the recruitment, retention and advancement of women and create more advocates, particularly men!

Like you, during 2020, I’ve had to pivot to support my clients. As a response to these challenging times, I’m launching a new virtual series called Creating Gender AdvocatesIn this six-module program, I outline the steps you and your organization must take to create real and sustainable change. Each module includes a downloadable video and participant’s guide for self- or team-paced participation.

 Kickstart 2021 by Creating Gender Advocates

To help you create an Integrated Women’s Leadership Plan for your organization, I have made the first module and a bonus BRG program available for FREE.

For the first module in the Creating Gender Advocates series, I have converted my most popular keynote into a virtual workshop that deepens participants’ understanding of the challenges and inequities facing women in the workplace along with best practices to connect allies and advocates to your company strategy and the bottom line. Since strategy is to central to successful business initiatives, I have also created a bonus self-paced working module for BRGs to develop an Integrated Women’s Leadership Plan as my two free gifts to help accelerate gender advocacy.

The balance of the virtual series will be available later this year and are designed specifically to provide sharable content for BRGs or workgroups that are striving to achieve or maintain gender balance in the current environment.

Free Modules to Accelerate Advocacy

YWomen Creating Gender Advocates Virtual Series

To jumpstart your advocacy program along with your 2021 planning and programming, visit the YWomen website to access the foundational modules for FREE!


Stay in touch and let me know I can support your 2021 planning and programming.