Inviting Fathers to Advocate for Gender Equity

Fathers of Daughters

Last month I sat down for a virtual conversation with Christopher Lewis for the Fathering Together community. I shared my tips on what fathers can do to be advocates for their daughters.

During our call encouraged dads to check-ou my Father of a Daughter Initiative which is a voluntary opt-in program. The pledge form outlines everyday activities you can do to create a more equitable world for your daughter and the women in your life. Whether you are a senior leader, department head, supportive colleague or small business owner. By opting in, you are committing to at least one of the following activities to demonstrate your commitment to advancing women and by default advocating for your daughter’s future.

As the father of a daughter, I will LISTEN, LEARN, LEAD and have the WILL to advocate for the recruitment, advancement, retention and equitable treatment of women in the workplace.

To advocate for your daughter, working spouse, mother, sister  or colleague, simply click on the link to print out a PDF for you to sign and hang in your office. This single act will serve to demonstrate that colleagues can approach you as a coach, mentor, sponsor and concerned co-worker.

You can watch the interview here or listen to the podcast.

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