This Mother’s Day support your working parents

It’s time to confirm your Company summer flex plan now!

It’s the beginning of May, Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and many companies are still trying to determine their next steps on going back to the office. Will it be full-time, flex time, certain days in the office, or the innocuous “manager discretion”?

Why is this critical now? Because working parents (men and women) need to create summer coverage plans for their children. The school year will be over soon and parents are already lining up summer activities and coverage plans for their children. Whether it is camp, grandparents, or any of a hundred other hybrids, parents need to know NOW what your company’s plan is so they can finalize their arrangements.

Locking your summer flex-time policy in for the next four months is critical. Parents today simply cannot comply with weekly or even monthly changes or ambiguity.

You need to confirm your Company summer flex plan now!

This is a really simple and meaningful way to demonstrate your commitment to being an organization that truly values all of its employees.

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