The Realities (and Myths) Hindering Women in the Workplace

Image of a women in an office setting. The closeup photo features her face with a frustrated expression and her hands on framing her face.

The Four Things You Need to Know – Flexibility, Attitudes, the Broken Rung, and Microaggressions Every year, I anticipate reports like the McKinsey & Company and Lean Women in the Workplace Report with a mixture of hopefulness and deep frustration . Frankly, it always seems to be a “good news, bad news” scenario with every step forward…

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The Leadership Imperative to Advance Women

What are we doing to advance women in the legal profession? YWomen president, Jeffery Tobias Halter was invited to be interviewed as part of a new NAWL podcast series focused on allyship. In this episode, NAWL Member and Director, Regulatory Affairs Counsel at UBS, Saba Khan speaks with Jeffery Tobias Halter, Gender Strategist about the role allies…

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When Tops Where: Why Inflexible Organizations Risk Losing Women

Professionally dressed women in a grey trench coat with her back to the camera walking away Image: Pexels/Ono Kosuki

More women are leaving jobs due to lack of flexibility, not location A new report from Deloitte reveals that inflexible work hours are driving more women to leave their jobs than office location policies. Inflexible organizations risk losing talented women The 2023 Women @ Work: A Global Outlook report surveyed nearly 11,000 professional women across…

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Why Every Ally Needs to See “Barbie”

Screen capture from the movie Barbie. Features Barbie and Ken in a pink convertible car driving away from Barbieland and toward the viewer. Barbie is driving and Ken is in the back seat.

What men (and women!) can learn from “Barbie” Yesterday, CNN reported that “Barbie” topped “The Dark Knight” to become Warner Bros.’ biggest movie ever at the American box office. Barbie exceeded the $1.2 billion mark globally, and Greta Gerwig, Barbie’s director, now bears the title of the highest-grossing woman movie director in history. Combine this…

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International Allyship Day – August 8

I’m excited to share that August 8th is International Allyship Day! This is a global day to celebrate and promote allyship – the act of supporting and advocating for individuals or communities facing systemic barriers and challenges to their success and advancement. At YWomen, we believe allyship is critical to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and…

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Women’s Voices Matter

Image: Pexels/Mikhail Nilov A woman in a pink suit at a wooden podium speaking

Women’s voices matter, what allies need to know In my work advancing women’s leadership in the workplace by engaging men, a foundational principle we discuss is that all people’s voices must be heard in order to solve the complex business problems that exist today. Best practices data proves time and again that a diverse workforce…

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Let’s Tell Our Daughters the Truth!

Take your daughter to work and be sure to tell her she will only make $.84 compared to your son! Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day – April 27, 2023 This Thursday is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. If true gender equity is your goal, then perhaps it’s time to…

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Men, Let’s Talk about Mansplaining (and Allyship)

Effective allies stop mansplaining in its tracks. One of the many perks of my job is talking to women (and men) about what’s happening in the workplace and collaborating on real solutions to advance a mutually beneficial culture of equity and inclusion. Inevitably, these discussions uncover an underlying sense of frustration around a litany of…

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