The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men

Podcast – School for Startups Radio

Recently, I sat down with Jim Beach, host of AMFM247 Radio’s School of Startups for Radio to talk about the leadership imperative to advance women and engage men in the process.

To listen to the interview/podcast click below:

To achieve gender equity companies must review their strategy, culture and the role of men that are hindering gender equity within your organization. To achieve gender equity — frankly, to achieve equity for all employees — organizations must address all three legs of the proverbial stool:

  1. Women’s Leadership Initiatives
  2. Integrated Strategy and Corporate Culture
  3. Create Male and Organizational Champions

At YWomen we have developed numerous strategies and techniques to help you drive progress in your organization, including:

Strengthen your women’s leadership initiatives

  • Conversations. Gender Conversation QuickStarters is a monthly newsletter in which we share three timely topics that can serve to start conversations between men and women in the workplace. Use these for your weekly staff meetings, one-on-one conversations or lunch-and-learn topics for your women’s employee resource group. Check out a recent issue.

Enhance corporate culture and programs

  • Assess and review. Use the 30 Point Readiness Assessment to understand your organization’s readiness to implement, from top to bottom, an integrated women’s leadership strategy.

Create male and organizational champions

  • Engage Men. For your initiative to succeed, senior leadership (often men) need to commit to LISTEN, LEARN, LEAD and have the WILL to advocate for the recruitment, advancement, retention and equitable treatment of women in the workplace. Additionally, here are 4 Key Actions Men Must Take to Advance Women.

For more ideas to bolster your women’s leadership strategy and drive real change in your company, check out this resource list with additional tools and resources.