Powering Up podcast with Anne Doyle

Powering Up podcast with Anne DoyleI meet Anne Doyle several years ago on a Power – Opening Doors for Women panel in Chicago. It was shortly after the release of my book, WHY WOMEN – The Leadership Imperative to Advance Women and Engage Men and we’ve¬†stayed in touch. Anne recently started the Powering Up podcast and invited me to have a conversation about gender allies and what men have to do with women’s power and progress.

What do men have to do with women’s power and progress?

Everything!! As fathers, husbands, colleagues, bosses, brothers or lawmakers, men impact women’s personal lives, careers and legal rights every day. Women contending with sexual harassment, toxic workplaces, gender bias, extreme laws violating our right to privacy and growing male backlash against the #MeToo movement, need male allies! And now is not the time for men to avoid mentoring women. It’s time for men to get involved with women’s leadership initiatives in order to address workplace inequities that impact not only their colleagues but also the bottom-line.

Apple Podcast – link to the episode.