Is Your Viewpoint on Meritocracies Holding You Back? Remember to Share Your Accomplishments.

Self-Advocacy – 3 tips for talking with your boss.

I was recently invited to write an article for the Leadercast Now blog to share insights and solutions for a leadership challenge.

Selecting a topic was easy. During Q&A sessions, I’m often asked about meritocracy and why hard work alone isn’t enough to get promoted. As a corporate gender strategist, this is a great starting point for a conversation on the vastly different experiences men and women are having in the workplace. Research shows that men and women think differently about who gets promotions:

  • 77 percent of women say they believe promotions are driven by a combination of hard work, long hours and education credentials.
  • 83 percent of men say that who you know counts for a lot, or at least as much as how well you do your job.

Why aren’t people rewarded on merit? For more on the why’s and tips to set yourself apart from everyone, read my self-advocacy article on the Leadercast blog.