What Happens to Workplace Inequities During a Pandemic?

Keeping Women Visible During COVID-19 How do we maintain gender equity gains? It’s almost month four of the pandemic. We’ve gone from treading water as we faced the new realities to adjusting our view to a longer-term outlook for working from home and navigating virtual organizations and processes in the new normal. As we entered…

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Leading With Empathy

Leading with Empathy in a Virtual World

To lead your teams through uncertain times we need to EVOLVE. As we continue to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19, we know that work and the nature of work will never be the same. We are currently going through a period of change in the way we work, live and interact with one another.…

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#IWD2020: What’s Next in the Fight for Gender Equality at Work?

YWomen Driving Workplace Equality: Awareness, Accountability and Advocacy

Driving Workplace Equality: Awareness, Accountability and Advocacy I believe there are three As to address the question of “what’s next” in 2020 to bring about equality in the workplace: Awareness Accountability Advocacy International Women’s Day is this Sunday, March 8, 2020, and the theme is #EachForEqual. The focus this year is on: Let’s be candid.…

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How Boston is Leading the Way to Close the Gender Pay Gap

Public-private partnership is the first of its kind in the nation.  When Boston’s Mayor Martin Walsh took office in 2014, he established the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement to enhance the quality of life for Boston women and girls. Throughout his administration, Mayor Walsh has continued to evolve the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, asking employers…

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Understanding Gender Diversity: Intersectionality, Gender Expression and Identity.

Pride Month YWomen 2019

Why inclusive work cultures are the best possible way to attract and retain top talent. In my work advocating for the advancement of women, I often highlight the intersectionality of other dimensions of diversity. For example, you can’t talk about women without also discussing other dimensions of diversity such as race, age, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity. Why is…

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The male leaders committed to sponsoring women

Company leaders have a responsibility to lead. It’s not acceptable for 50 percent of the workforce to stop talking with the other 50 percent. It’s time a zero tolerance policy on bad behavior and empowering everyone to be their best selves at work. “There is no greater time for CEOs in this country to send…

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Can Your Women’s Leadership Initiative Solve Two of Your Biggest Business Challenges?

YWomen 2019 top CEO concerns women's leadership initiative

For 2019, top CEO concerns include attracting and retaining talent and developing the next generation of leaders. Globally, CEOs rank attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 internal concern, according to the findings of The Conference Board survey, C-Suite Challenge 2019. Developing the next generation of leaders was the #3 internal concern (#2 was creating new business…

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My True Calling. A Podcast with Judy Hoberman.

Why Women. Why Encourage Men to Advocate for Women? Some people are very intentional and live their lives on purpose. Others are not as aware and struggle to find purpose. Many simply respond to whatever life throws at them and it may not be their true calling. Being clear about and connected to your purpose,…

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Talking About Women, Leadership And The Bottom-Line

A Podcast with Ron Comacho and Jeffery Halter Women represent half of the American workforce they represent 1/3 of company chief executives. So why is there a gender gap and why are we overlooking this vast reservoir of talent, leadership potential and the productivity that women bring to top positions and to boards of directors?…

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Women Beyond The Tipping Point

Disrupting the status quo to drive gender parity and rid the workplace of gender inequities The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips and spreads like wildfire. – Malcolm Gladwell In February 2016, I chronicled that we were reaching a tipping point for women’s issues in the…

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