Women And The Future Of Work: 3 Ways Male Leaders Can Support Gender Equality

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Jason Wingard, Dean Emeritus and Professor of Human Capital Management at the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University, outlines 3 ways male leaders can support gender equality in his Forbes Leadership Strategy column.

Covid-19 has had a disproportionately devastating impact on women in the workplace. As we enter The Great Reset, Wingard posed the following questions:

  • How can male leaders finally show up in support of women?
  • How can they look beyond flexibility — which, at this point, should be a yawn-worthy given — and embed true equality into their company’s DNA?
  • How can they get their acts together as the future of work barrels towards us?

Wingard writes that “if leaders want to improve the workplace for women, they need to measure their progress (a step that’s rarer than it should be).”

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