My Goal for Women’s History Month – Create More Gender Advocates

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What’s Hindering Your Women’s Leadership Initiative?

Are you getting stuck in your efforts to advance women in your organization?

You are not alone!

What if you could:

    • Engage more men (and women) as advocates for gender equality?
    • Increase the impact/value of your BRG?
    • Effectively link your BRG’s strategic objectives to your company’s objectives?
    • Hold people accountable for D&I initiatives?
    • Convert positive beliefs about gender equity into actionable steps that men and women at any level in your organization can take to drive change?
    • Repair the “broken rung” that acts as a barrier to women rising to senior leadership positions later in their career?

What if you had the strategies that best-in-class companies have used successfully at your fingertips, and you could share them with every person at your company virtually?

Now you do.

Creating Gender Advocates: A Virtual Series

I’ve taken my most popular keynotes, workshops and executive sessions and packaged them into a six-module program called Creating Gender Advocates: A Virtual Series

While we know that up to 30 percent of men in most organizations are ready to become advocates, many lack the skills and training to demonstrate advocacy on a daily basis. Additionally, women may lack the tools and strategies to advance and support other women. In Creating Gender Advocates, I outline the steps you and your organization must take to create real and sustainable change.

I’ve made the first module along with a bonus how-to create an Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategy program available for free to help you and your organization plan for 2021. The balance of the virtual series is available for purchase and will provide months of sharable content for Business Resource Groups (BRGs) or workgroups. This is particularly timely as we have seen alarming rates of women leaving the workplace in the wake of Covid-19.

Special Offer

Limited time only. Save 50%. Order by 3/31/21Today through March 31, you can purchase individual modules or the entire series for 50 percent off using code WHM2021. For under $500, you can augment your BRG programming, get a head start on your action steps to attract and retain women and engage men in the process.

These modules can also be conducted as leader-led staff meetings to simply start talking about gender equity and advancing women. It’s a critical time to address your women’s leadership advancement initiatives to stabilize the gains you’ve already made or begin to make new gains.

Best-in-class organizations have documented three critical success factors to drive and sustain change:

  1. Visible and vocal support at all levels to advance women
  2. Deep integration of the company’s women’s leadership strategy across the organization
  3. Active male engagement and advocacy

In this six-module program, I outline the steps you and your organization must take to create real and sustainable change. Each module includes a downloadable video and participant’s guide for self- or team-paced participation.

  • FREE MOD 1: Why Women – The Leadership Imperative – This session, based on my most popular keynote, establishes our learning structure and Guiding Principles and outlines the challenges and inequities facing women in the workplace.
  • MOD 2: Operationalizing the Business Case – Create a locally relevant “Business Case for Women” regarding revenue, talent, engagement.
  • MOD 3: Leveraging Gender Differences – Understand and be able to leverage the unique differences that women and men bring to the workplace.
  • MOD 4: Disrupting Unconscious Gender Bias – Explore unconscious bias and take a deeper dive specifically into gender.
  • Mod 5: Deepening Gender Competency – Explore the six barriers that conspire to make the workplace less fair for women and the additional challenges of women of color.
  • Mod 6: From Advocacy to Action – Capstone session to identify and create personal action plans for the 10 daily actions advocates must take to advance women.
  • FREE BONUS for Business Resource Groups: Creating an Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategy – Develop the strategy, tactics and measurements required to create an Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategy.

Thank you for helping to accelerate gender advocacy!


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