Gabrielle Claiborne – Pride Month 2022: Including everyone benefits everyone

How do we create cultures of understanding and belonging for gender-diverse individuals? And what role can each of us play in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces? Gabrielle Claiborne, co-founder of Transformation Journeys Worldwide, works with corporate clients to address the cultural assumptions we all have and develop strategies to create inclusive cultures and workplaces that…

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Pride 2020: Expanding the Gender Equity Conversation

Transsexual transgender businesswoman standing over isolated pink background with hand on chin thinking about question, pensive expression. Smiling with thoughtful face. Doubt concept.

A conversation with Gabrielle Claiborne on gender equity and inclusion I recently read an article written by my colleague Gabrielle Claiborne that outlined the need to expand the gender equality conversation to include ALL women. As the founder and CEO of Transformation Journeys Worldwide, Gabrielle is an inclusion trainer and consultant. She noticed that she…

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Understanding Gender Diversity: Intersectionality, Gender Expression and Identity.

Pride Month YWomen 2019

Why inclusive work cultures are the best possible way to attract and retain top talent. In my work advocating for the advancement of women, I often highlight the intersectionality of other dimensions of diversity. For example, you can’t talk about women without also discussing other dimensions of diversity such as race, age, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity. Why is…

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