Gabrielle Claiborne – Pride Month: Including everyone benefits everyone

How do we create cultures of understanding and belonging for gender-diverse individuals? And what role can each of us play in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces? Gabrielle Claiborne, co-founder of Transformation Journeys Worldwide, works with corporate clients to address the cultural assumptions we all have and develop strategies to create inclusive cultures and workplaces that embrace LGBTQ colleagues–with a focus on trans and gender non-binary people. It’s Pride Month and in light of the anti-transgender legislation that is rolling out locally and nationally now is the time for allies to show up and support their gender-diverse colleagues.

The more we show up, the more we elevate conversations, and the more we advocate then collectively we bring visibility to a topic and someone’s lived experience. Get courageous and have uncomfortable conversations–tune in to learn more.

For more information: Transformation Journeys Worldwide