Real conversations about money with Meredith Moore

Talking about money is hard. Our guest, Founder & CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies, Meredith Moore, says that it can even be “yucky.” How do we have better conversations about money? Meredith returns to the podcast to talk about the history of women and money and long-held cultural norms around the topic of our finances. Listen to discover why she stresses the importance of financial education and engagement. Don’t miss her tips for establishing a baseline for understanding our finances and improving transparency and communication in our relationships. Join us over a glass of Black Box Pinot Noir as we get real about money.


Artisan Financial Strategies
Women & Money – A History by Meredith Moore
White paper on women, money and power dynamics in relationships
Parents Guide to Kids and Money
Family Financial Cadence Flow – (downloadable pdf)

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