Meredith Moore: Power Dynamics and Money

Did you know that 29% of women are the breadwinners in dual-income households? This week, we spend time with financial advisor Meredith Moore talking about women and money. After noticing several trends with her clients, Meredith approached academia for insights and data on personal relationships and money – specifically women breadwinners, income disparity, and decision-making. We’ll explore the power dynamics and money along with her insights on how to navigate communications and transparency in your relationship. She also shares her strong recommendation that there are certain things in life that you don’t want to fully delegate to someone else. Don’t miss this important conversation about the essentials of creating a foundation for your financial future over lattes, Black Girl Magic Rosé, and California pinot noir.


Artisan Financial Strategies
Women & Money – A History by Meredith Moore
White paper on women, money and power dynamics in relationships
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Family Financial Cadence Flow – (downloadable pdf)

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