Why It’s Time for Men to Stand Up as Allies and Advocates

Tips on how to get men on board as diversity champions

I often hear one of these refrains before or after I speak at a women’s conference;

‘I can’t believe they hired a MAN to be the keynote speaker!!!

‘Wow. What a progressive move – inviting a MAN to keynote at a women’s conference.  I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.’

After speaking at a recent women’s conference, Andrea Janzen approached me about being a guest on her podcast, Diversity at Work, so we could explore several concepts:

  • Why the gender gap isn’t a women’s issue
  • Why it’s time for men to stand up
  • What’s holding men back from engaging with D&I / women’s advancement issues
  • How can we help men to overcome the barriers and become engaged as champions and allies

You can listen to our interview here on Apple, and here on Anchor.

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