Episode 18: Ruchika Tulshyan: Inclusion is Leadership

Inclusion starts with you. Yes, you! We each have the power to shift workplace culture. We don’t have to wait — #inclusion starts with *you.” This week on Win(e)d Down Wednesday, Ruchika Tulshyan talks about her new book, “Inclusion On Purpose” and shares actionable ways you can #BreakTheBias in order to create a culture of…

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Is Your Company Really Committed to Advancing Women? Prove It!

Senior business manager in front of white board with data/analysis talking to employees in a conference room about diversity, inclusion, equity and advancing women

The Key to Inclusion — Full Transparency I was honored to celebrate International Women’s Day with Deloitte US by participating in a panel discussion on the release of the inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Transparency Report. The report goes well beyond women and examines all dimensions of diversity through a lens of intersectionality. This is groundbreaking work…

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Understanding Gender Diversity: Intersectionality, Gender Expression and Identity.

Pride Month YWomen 2019

Why inclusive work cultures are the best possible way to attract and retain top talent. In my work advocating for the advancement of women, I often highlight the intersectionality of other dimensions of diversity. For example, you can’t talk about women without also discussing other dimensions of diversity such as race, age, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity. Why is…

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