Silenced no more: Gretchen Carlson spearheads the first major legislative response to #Metoo

Gretchen Carlson recently spearheaded the biggest legislative change in labor laws in the past 100 years. It is also the first major piece of legislation in response to the #MeToo movement. Gretchen joins Jeffery and Amanda to discuss the landmark workplace law that forbids companies from forcing sexual harassment and assault claims into arbitration and…

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Flash Point: The Effect Of The #MeToo Momentum

#MeToo Tipping Point Flash Point Three Things best in class companies are doing to advance women

The three things best-in-class companies are doing to advance women and what that means in the fight against sexual harassment. Earlier this year, I wrote about Women at the Tipping Point. More than 500,000 women had just marched on Washington, demanding that their voices be heard. Over the past year, I have spoken at or attended more…

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