It’s Time for Allies to Step Up

It’s Time for Allies to Step Up

There has never been a more critical time for male allies to step up. Stepping up can range from speaking out publicly if you are in a role of leadership to simply providing comfort and listening to a co-worker.

What is troubling for me is that leaders and people who have been vocal advocates for women are CHOOSING TO DO NOTHING.

This USA Today article by Nancy Armour hits the nail on the head when it comes to men whom other men (for some reason) look up to and idolize being silent on Roe v. Wade news.

Additionally, where are the business leaders? This is a time for visible and vocal advocacy for your employees, consumers, and communities. Caterina Bulgarella aptly summarized the situation and the implications for gender equality in the workplace.

In the wake of the announcement, many companies announced that they will assist with travel and other related health care costs. While this is well-intended it’s really just window dressing. Most women are scared to death to report sexual harassment at their companies and research found that 75% of workplace sexual harassment cases are unreported.

If a woman won’t talk to HR about sexual harassment, do we really think she will reach out to HR to discuss abortion?

Leaders need to move beyond policies and take real action now.

On Linkedin, Lily Zheng outlined these steps to help individuals and organizations channel their energies and impact for the road ahead. Additionally, if leaders truly care they will use their voices for political change.

If companies really cared, perhaps they would move offices and employees out of Texas, Georgia and other states that promote being “good for business” yet have some of the most restrictive abortion laws on record. If they really care they will take a closer look at their political donations. Actions and inactions have consequences.

It’s time for allies to step up.