Win(e)d Down Wednesdays – A DEI Podcast

Win(e)d Down Wednesday with Jeffery Tobias Halter and Amanda Hammett

Calendar Some Win(e)d — Down Time Introducing Win(e)d Down Wednesdays — a podcast with Jeffery Tobias Halter and Amanda Hammett — a contemporary discussion on advocacy, inclusion and your role in driving change. Join them with your favorite wind-down beverage of choice. Your podcast hosts have created a brave and welcoming space for much-needed DEI…

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Cultivating Active Male Allyship

Since men still represent 75 percent of leadership of the 423 companies McKinsey surveyed, it's a given that we will never drive long-term systemic advancement for women without active male allyship.  If you're unsure where to start, take a minute to explore the first module of my virtual series, Why Women The Leadership Imperative, and consider these questions (or discuss them at your next staff meeting):

The One Thing You Need to do to Advance Women in Your Organization. The 2021 LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company Women in the Workplace study was recently released. The one thing leaders, BRGs and allies need to do is read it, internalize it and take action. It contains more than 50 pages of facts, data and actions designed…

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Boomer/Gen X Women, Still Struggling for Equity

Intersectionality and the Challenges of Age and Gender Bias For the past few years, my work on advancing women has expanded to include exploring all dimensions of diversity that affect women. This view, known as intersectionality, includes overlaying the lens of not just binary gender but also race, culture and gender expression. Of note, I…

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Engaging Men (and Women) as Gender Advocates

Creating a Year-Long Dialogue on Advancing Women “We keep running BRG events, but we’re really not moving the needle. The company expects us to help lead the women’s strategy for the company, and yet I get very little money or resources. I have amazing committed volunteers, but it’s just not enough. Why is this so hard?”…

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Mother’s Day 2021: How Can We Celebrate Differently?

Little 7 year old boy paints greeting card for Mom on Mother's Day with the inscription "Mother's Day". Outdoors. Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day commit to becoming an advocate Mother’s Day in the United States was established in the early 19th century as an annual holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in May. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the day is a widely observed national holiday to “recognize and appreciate mothers’ roles in our lives. Often this…

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Millennials Are Calling For Greater Transparency. Are Companies Ready?

image of young women looking pensively out the window

Millennials Prioritizing Values and Taking Corporate America With Them Earlier this year, Deloitte US released its inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Transparency Report. In it, the company noted that its US workforce spans four generations with millennials composing the majority. In total, millennials and Gen Z represent 87.4 percent of professionals at less tenured levels within…

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Is Your Company Really Committed to Advancing Women? Prove It!

Senior business manager in front of white board with data/analysis talking to employees in a conference room about diversity, inclusion, equity and advancing women

The Key to Inclusion — Full Transparency I was honored to celebrate International Women’s Day with Deloitte US by participating in a panel discussion on the release of the inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Transparency Report. The report goes well beyond women and examines all dimensions of diversity through a lens of intersectionality. This is groundbreaking work…

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Men Choosing to Challenge Gender Inequality

The Power Shift Podcast Episode 4: Men Choosing to Challenge Gender Inequality with Jeffery Tobias Halter

The Power Shift Podcast Recently, Jeffery Tobias Halter sat down for an interview with Dr. Sharon Melnick for her Power Shift podcast to talk about men choosing to challenge gender inequality in the workplace. The Power Shift podcast is all about redefining the idea of “power” and how we use it for good, not with the traditional…

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Gender Equity, Gender Pay Gap, and Corporate America


Gender Equity, Gender Pay Gap, and Corporate America YWomen, President, Jeffery Tobias Halter was a guest on the Breaking Glass podcast with host/interviewer Sabrina Merage Naim and producer Kassia Binkowski (@breakingglasspod #BreakingGlass) to talk about gender equity and the need for gender advocates. Breaking Glass is a new narrative for women around the world. It…

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