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Three ideas to close the gender wage gap. Image: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Understanding Equal Pay Day and the Wage Negotiation Myths

18 Apr 2024

Closing the gender wage gap to support women’s advancement Let’s talk about Equal Pay Day. This symbolic date represents how…

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Overcoming Resistance to DEI Initiatives with Awareness, Accountability and Advocacy

22 Mar 2024

3 tips to drive DEI engagement We know that leadership and employee resistance to any corporate program, let alone a…

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Image of a women in an office setting. The closeup photo features her face with a frustrated expression and her hands on framing her face.

The Realities (and Myths) Hindering Women in the Workplace

19 Oct 2023

The Four Things You Need to Know – Flexibility, Attitudes, the Broken Rung, and Microaggressions Every year, I anticipate reports…

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The Leadership Imperative to Advance Women

13 Oct 2023

What are we doing to advance women in the legal profession? YWomen president, Jeffery Tobias Halter was invited to be…

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Professionally dressed women in a grey trench coat with her back to the camera walking away Image: Pexels/Ono Kosuki

When Tops Where: Why Inflexible Organizations Risk Losing Women

18 Sep 2023

More women are leaving jobs due to lack of flexibility, not location A new report from Deloitte reveals that inflexible…

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Screen capture from the movie Barbie. Features Barbie and Ken in a pink convertible car driving away from Barbieland and toward the viewer. Barbie is driving and Ken is in the back seat.

Why Every Ally Needs to See “Barbie”

24 Aug 2023

What men (and women!) can learn from “Barbie” Yesterday, CNN reported that “Barbie” topped “The Dark Knight” to become Warner…

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International Allyship Day – August 8

06 Aug 2023

I’m excited to share that August 8th is International Allyship Day! This is a global day to celebrate and promote…

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Image: Pexels/Mikhail Nilov A woman in a pink suit at a wooden podium speaking

Women’s Voices Matter

20 Jul 2023

Women’s voices matter, what allies need to know In my work advancing women’s leadership in the workplace by engaging men,…

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Let’s Tell Our Daughters the Truth!

26 Apr 2023

Take your daughter to work and be sure to tell her she will only make $.84 compared to your son!…

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