5 Actions Leaders Can Take to Overcome Unconscious Gender Bias at Work

Men and women are having vastly different experiences at work. Full stop.

Yet, many men question whether men and women do in fact face different experiences at work.  If you don’t believe gender bias exists in the workplace, do this one test for a week: Listen and observe. In most meetings, women’s voices and ideas are talked over or ignored, as Susan Chira illustrates in her article, The Universal Phenomenon of Men Interrupting Women, in The New York Times.

Additionally, observe if women do more office housework such as taking notes, planning social events and getting the coffee. And if you want more data, all you need to do is ask: If you ask a woman in a genuine manner what these instances feel like, she will tell you. These workplace inequalities may seem minor, but when taken together, they can cause numerous hurdles and challenges for women.

For my recent Leadercast blog, I outline 5 actions leader can take to overcome unconscious gender bias at work, you can find the post here.


Jeffery Tobias Halter is president of YWomen, a strategic consulting company focused on engaging men in women’s leadership advancement. Founder of the Father of Daughter Initiative, creator of the Gender Conversation QuickStarters Newsletter and the Male Advocacy Profile, Jeffery is former director of diversity strategy for The Coca-Cola Company and is the author of two books, WHY WOMEN, The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men and Selling to Men, Selling to Women.