Wine Enthusiast: Women of the Vine & Spirits Symposium

Women of the Vine write-up in Wine Enthusiast 2017

Women of the Vine & Spirits Symposium Works for Advancement of Women in the Industry
The 2017  Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium in Napa brought together women and men from all aspects of the industry and from around the globe.
Keynote Speaker
Why Women?  The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Driving Male Engagement
Jeffery Tobias Halter, President, YWomen
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Forbes: Women Can Achieve Their Career Goals by Educating Men


Jeffery Tobias Halter is a white man who says he can teach women how to teach men about gender equality in the workplace.

I know, I’m also skeptical about a man standing up for women. Isn’t that just another way to reinforce the norm of male leadership? But I’m also a pragmatist. So if he’s advancing gender equity, I’m willing . . .

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Five Lessons Companies Should Learn from Uber about Sexual Harassment

Today the bull’s-eye falls on Uber and Silicon Valley but tomorrow it may be your industry or company.

This post was originally published in the Huffington Post.

It’s 2017 and Fortune 500 companies are still dealing with the issues of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. While recent high-profile lawsuits are still in the news Qualcomm, Read More »

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What a Trump victory Means for Women’s Leadership Advancement

Jeffery Tobias Halter on what a Trump victory means for women's advancement in corporate America

One of the first reactions of a Trump victory will be the question will hurt or even hinder women’s leadership advancement in corporate America and was Hillary’s loss in part because the country is not ready for a female president. While the pundits will analyze this election for years, as a corporate gender strategist I do not believe that either of these will . . .

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Fantasy Football, Women and Networking

FACT: Women now account for more than 20% of all fantasy football participants.

On a recent flight, I was re-reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean-In, when I glanced at the women next to me and she was reading ESPN’s Fantasy Football Preview. We shared a laugh that she was reading about football and I was reading about women’s leadership advancement. For the next hour, we . . .

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