The Gender Conversation QuickStarter Newsletter

Are you ready to start powerful conversations in the workplace about gender, diversity, and equality?

Many organizations struggle with how to effectively communicate the difference in experiences that men and women are having on the job and in the workplace.

“In working with a variety of professional women’s associations, women’s employee resource groups and leadership development programs and corporate clients I’m asked about . . .

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What a Trump victory Means for Women’s Leadership Advancement

Jeffery Tobias Halter on what a Trump victory means for women's advancement in corporate America

One of the first reactions of a Trump victory will be the question will hurt or even hinder women’s leadership advancement in corporate America and was Hillary’s loss in part because the country is not ready for a female president. While the pundits will analyze this election for years, as a corporate gender strategist I do not believe that either of these will . . .

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The 4 Things Your Company Needs to do to Advance Women (Part 4 of 4) – Have the Will!

Have the Will to Change.

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. – Vince Lombardi*

In the past several months I have attended over 15 women’s leadership events and witnessed over 5,000 leaders (women and a number of amazing men) talking collectively about how to advance women. . . .

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The 4 Things Your Company Needs to Do to Advance Women (Part 3 of 4) – Lead!

Yes, there are only 4 things organizations need to do to advance women.

“If you were told it would take over 50 years to achieve a business objective would you accept it?” — Ken Chenault, CEO and Chairman, American Express #womensforumny.

This remark was one of the opening salvos of the New York Women’s Forum Breakfast of Corporate Champions. This breakfast was a gathering of . . .

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What Mad Men Teaches Us About Male Leaders

It’s going to be terrible to say good-bye to Mad Men, but let’s tip our hat to all the gruesome realities of the sixties and seventies’ workplace the show has exposed us to.

Joan and Peggy may be outstanding female employees, but their journeys have been anything but smooth.

Particularly Joan, whose bumpy ride through workplace politics has reminded us of the rampant sexism . . .

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