Jeffery's dynamic and engaging presentations garner positive reviews from stakeholders and attendees. He is available for keynotes, lectures, workshops, conference breakout sessions, panel moderation and consulting projects. His presentations are fully customizable to your organization and where you are in your women's advancement strategy.

Speaking Topics

Jeffery Tobias Halter’s Signature Red Heels Keynote

How does a man wearing size 14 red pumps serve to illustrate the current state of women’s leadership in this country? Simply put, men and women are having significantly different workplace experiences in the workplace. Best-in-class companies are realizing that one of the keys to advancing women is active male engagement. In this fast-paced and entertaining keynote, Participants will learn:

• The significantly different workplace experiences men and women are having…

and how they can start to talk about them

• The overwhelming ROI of investing in women

• The four things men need to do on a daily basis to become champions for women in the workplace

In this ground-breaking presentation based on Jeffery Tobias Halter’s book, WHY WOMEN –The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men attendees will leave with tools and processes to drive the long-term advancement of women. Participants will examine:

• How to create an Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategy designed to Grow Revenue, Improve Operating Profits and Enhancing Company Reputation

• The three things best in class companies are doing to execute against their women’s leadership strategy

• Engage Male Champions as Sponsors for Women’s Leadership Strategies

• Engage male champions as sponsors for women’s leadership strategies

This interactive session focuses on strategies that will enable your teams to be more creative, reach decisions faster, communicate more effectively and help to manage, rather than ignore the most significant dynamic present in every meeting – GENDER!

In this hands-on session, participants will:

• Understand that men and women think, act and work differently and how to leverage these unique dynamics

• Explore how gender dynamics impact problem solving, team effectiveness, communication and personal work styles

• Leave with a full engagement tool, The EVOLVED Leader Tool, that can be used immediately to increase team effectiveness

So what do men talk about in the Board Room…and in the Bathroom? What are the three things you will never hear a man say about women? If you work for a man, chances are he is evaluating you through a male paradox of what leadership should look like. In this interactive session attendees will learn:

• Learn the leadership competencies men value

• Examine the significant role of gender in assessing and developing women in an


• Explore how performance, image and exposure impact advancement

• Learn how to engage men as sponsors and mentors of women’s leadership and development

Unconscious bias is present and active every second of our lives and impacts literally thousands of decisions we make daily. Men and women now represent a roughly 50/50 mix in the workplace. Understanding gender differences, rather than choosing to ignore them, will help progressive companies to drive more revenue, increase operating profit and enhance their corporate reputation.

This interactive workshop is designed not just explore the concept of unconscious bias, but to take a deep dive specifically into gender.   In attending this session participants will leave with the ability to:

1) Discuss the concepts and principles that drive unconscious bias

2) Understand the specific implications of unconscious bias through a gender lens

3) Write an action plan to uncover, manage and leverage gender as a competitive advantage

Does your sales organization (i.e. Chief RevenueGenerators) understand how to tailor messages for maximum effectiveness to reach their target audience? How is your company tapping into the $7 Trillion opportunity that is women. In this engaging and informative session participants will:

• Explore the common pitfalls in the selling process regarding gender differences

• Examine on a deep level what men don’t know about selling to women and what women don’t know about selling to men

• Learn selling approaches regarding gender differences for staff members to get programs and budgets approved

Clients and Conferences


Executive Briefings

Customizable forums or working sessions tailored to your objectives

Customizable programs specifically designed for your C-Suite leaders, executive team, senior HR leadership and Chief Diversity Officers in order to create a private forum to explore and address women’s leadership and advancement. Sessions will bring a fresh perspective to:

• Create an integrated women’s leadership strategy

• Explore topics that leader’s often don’t want to talk about

• Examine why your women’s leadership advancement program is stuck

• Establish initiatives to find and engage male champions

Delivery Options

Jeffery approaches each engagement as a custom offering designed to understand your company culture, objectives and audience. Each presentation is customized to fit the mission and goals of the program. All topics are available as a keynote, lecture, workshop or webinar.


60 Minutes in duration can include copies of Jeffery’s books for attendees

Keynote + Breakout Session(s)

Keynote plus a 2-3 hour mini-workshop, further helping attendees internalize the key messages

Keynote, Breakout(s), and Follow Through Webinars 

Same option as previous plus a series of follow through webinars to reinforce the key messages as strategy development

Facilitated Interview / Panel Roundtable 

 Professionally facilitated interview of senior executives, customer or partner panels with key messages as bookends of the discussions.

Client Love!

The talk was fantastic! It was very informative and Jeffery was very knowledgeable and he presented the information flawlessly. It was hands-down the best talk I have seen in my 20+ year professional career. I can't say enough good things about this talk and the engagement of both men and women. 

~Conference Attendee of Fortune 100 Company

Jeffery was a phenomenal speaker last week!  Our Women's Leadership Network is all the more energized now to engage men in our important work to advance women at all phases of their career.

~Senior Business Consultant, Financial Company

Having a man speak at a women's leadership event was a little different for us but we knew Jeff's work was around engaging men in the joint effort to advance women in the workplace and we were confident in his ability to fill the room. And fill it he did. We should have done two sessions!

~Executive Director, Leadership Conference

We've been receiving kudos from participants who were appreciative of the 'rich content' and 'robust discussion'. They were also impressed with the caliber of the presenters! Well, thanks Jeff!

~Global Conference President



Very insightful and well prepared. Very engaging speaker. Gave clear takeaways and good audience engagement.

~ SHRM Conference Attendee

Jeffery Halter walked on stage wearing red pumps to make the point that men and women are having very different experiences in the workplace. His timely message was a hit at the women's conference!

~Program Coordinator Women's Conference

I found the keynote speaker very interesting, especially some of the stats on the shifting of the future workforce in terms of gender and millennials, and potential shortages.

~Conference Attendee at Fortune 100 Company

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