Women@Work Radio Interview: Advancing Women, Engaging Men

We keep expecting women to #leanin, what we need is men to #standup.


I was recently interviewed by Laura Zarrow for Women@Work on SiriusXM BusinessRadio111 about advancing women in the workplace and need for male engagement.

For decades, we have encouraged women to build their skills or change their leadership style in order to advance in the workplace. Yet the number women holding senior management positions hasn’t changed significantly in a decade. What if the disruption needed to advance women doesn’t lie with women but with men and the cultural norms that are the foundation for most businesses?

Many organizations and individuals want to know what they can do to advocate for women in the workplace. I believe up to 30% of men in the workplace do want to help but don’t know what to do on a daily basis. That’s why I launched the Father of Daughter Initiative: 10 things men can do to advocate for women to give men a starting point to help advance women in the workplace.

During the interview we covered the following topics:

  • Why women’s advancement is stuck
  • Why so few companies are doing it well
  • The four things men need to do to help attract, develop and advance women
  • Why men don’t even realize the connection between advancing women and their daughters
  • Father of a Daughter Initiative and Pledge