Why Is Diversity Important? Interview & Podcast

Emory Mlulling and Jeffery Tobias Halter podcast interview

Emory Mulling - Jeffery Tobias HalterDo you ever wonder why is diversity is important for businesses and organizations? Perhaps you’ve also wondered:

  • How should we think about diversity? Is it just about hiring diverse individuals, or is it more holistic, extending to vendors, etc.
  • There is an overall impression that increasing diversity sacrifices skills.
  • Why are these so few women in tech or in the C-suite?
  • What about other minorities
  • From a large business perspective, it is easy to see the upside of diversity for large public purposes.  But for smaller business perspective (30 to 50 employees), why should they put resources into stressing diversity?
  • What makes a good diversity program?  And how do you bring about meaningful change, rather than lip service?

Sharon Orlopp, former Global Chief Diversity Officer and SVP Corporate People at Walmart, and I spoke with Emory Mulling to address these topics and more (click to listen to the Mulling at Work interview.