Episode 25: Too young or too old? The intersectionality of gender bias and ageism with Bonnie Marcus

More than 80 percent of women worldwide have experienced gendered ageism in the workplace. Career coach, author and host of the podcast, Badass Women at Any Age, Bonnie Marcus shares findings from her research on gendered ageism –the intersectionality of gender bias and ageism. Given society’s hyper-focus on youth and beauty, older women can face…

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Boomer/Gen X Women, Still Struggling for Equity

Intersectionality and the Challenges of Age and Gender Bias For the past few years, my work on advancing women has expanded to include exploring all dimensions of diversity that affect women. This view, known as intersectionality, includes overlaying the lens of not just binary gender but also race, culture and gender expression. Of note, I…

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Why Do Male CEOs Commit to Advancing Women?

Forbes Jeffery Tobias Halter gender equality in the workplace

Advancing Women in the Workplace Next week is the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston, MA. The 2016 program celebrates Women Leading Change and features a day of professional development and thought leaders including Carla Harris, Edie Weiner, and Ping Fu. I’m thrilled to be speaking at the event for the 3rd time. For the past…

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