Instead of Expecting Women in Business to Lean In, We Need Men to Stand Up for Them

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With women making 21 cents less than men for the same work, men should support pay equity — they owe it to their working spouses and daughters. #PayEquity #PayEquityDay

Last month, my piece on #PayEquity ran in the New York Daily News Daily/Views section. Here’s a snippet along with a link to the full article:

Women’s Pay Equity Day on April 12 came and went without a lot of hoopla. This date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. President Obama made a speech and Pinterest and Twitter exploded for a day or two but it has already died down.

The facts are simple and well-documented. Women make on average 79 cents to men for the same work. This has a compounding effect on families and the economy of $430,000 over the lifetime of a woman’s career.

One of the current solutions being offered is for women to just work harder and take ownership for their careers. The #LeanIn movement has created a thriving industry of workshops, seminars, conferences and books dedicated to creating a more robust pipeline of talented women. Yet the wage gap still exists, as does a lack of a robust pipeline of women into management positions. (click here to read more)

Let’s take action:

We don’t need another workshop for women.

We need fathers of daughters to be outraged that our daughters earn less than our sons!

Take the Father of a Daugther Pledge and take action today!


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Father of Daughters take action to solve #payequity in the workplace. Take the Father of a Daughter Pledge