Amanda Hammett and Jeffery Tobias Halter on Quiet Quitting

“How can I have a life and a career?” This is a common question employees are asking themselves as they seek a more holistic approach to their lives and work in a world forever changed by a global pandemic. For many decades, companies benefited from Boomers who linked their identities to their careers, willingly worked grueling hours and valued logging face time in the office as they climbed the corporate ladder. Gen Z and Millennials, however, are pushing back on traditional workplace expectations and having more conversations about boundaries, true productivity, mental health issues and remote and flexible work. In this episode, Jeffery and Amanda discuss how managers are addressing the hot topic of quiet quitting and figuring out how to best support their organizations’ plans and strategies for 2023. They encourage leaders to listen, evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, and proactively address the stressors impacting their employees with an eye toward workplace transformation and the talent pipeline.

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