Engaging Executives Who Are Fathers of Daughters

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The Red Shoe Movement – engaging men to support women in the workplace

During a recent trip to New York City, I had the opportunity to meet with Mariela Dabbah, CEO & Founder of The Red Shoe Movement (RSM). After meeting last year on social media and conference calls this was our first IRL meeting to discuss our mutual use of red heels to make a point about advancing women in the workplace. RSM is focused on diverse women’s career and leaderhip development.
Mariela recently published an Open Invitation to Executive Who Are Fathers of Daughters in Forbes. It seemed like a natural that we would compare notes on our initiatives to get Fathers of Daughters involved with advancing women in the workplace — and red shoes. Fast foward a couple days, and Mariela’s Business Development person in Argentina was on a popular TV show and the production picked up a series  images from their social media stream, including one of me!

Mariela. Thank you for getting social with me and for the work you are doing to advance women. Looking forward to future collaborations.
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