The Diminished Role of the CDO

How does your organization fare? Many companies are moving to a model of placing the Office of Diversity in Human Resources and reporting to the head of HR. This diminishes the office’s effectiveness in a number of ways. First, it takes away one of the key roles and that is having an Officer level oversight…

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What the NFL Got Right and Wrong

The NFL recently announced a number of diversity initiatives to create more opportunities for women and people of color (WPOC). Did they put a TD on the board or is this a blocked kick? From my perspective as a corporate gender strategist, they got two things right. First, they are finally creating a panel of…

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Win(e)d Down Wednesdays – A DEI Podcast

Win(e)d Down Wednesday with Jeffery Tobias Halter and Amanda Hammett

Calendar Some Win(e)d — Down Time Introducing Win(e)d Down Wednesdays — a podcast with Jeffery Tobias Halter and Amanda Hammett — a contemporary discussion on advocacy, inclusion and your role in driving change. Join them with your favorite wind-down beverage of choice. Your podcast hosts have created a brave and welcoming space for much-needed DEI…

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