The Realities (and Myths) Hindering Women in the Workplace

Image of a women in an office setting. The closeup photo features her face with a frustrated expression and her hands on framing her face.

The Four Things You Need to Know – Flexibility, Attitudes, the Broken Rung, and Microaggressions Every year, I anticipate reports like the McKinsey & Company and Lean Women in the Workplace Report with a mixture of hopefulness and deep frustration . Frankly, it always seems to be a “good news, bad news” scenario with every step forward…

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The Imperative to Fix Broken Rung and the Leaky Pipeline

Women in the Workplace: One step forward. Two steps back. Part 2. The 2022 and McKinsey & Company “Women in the Workplace” report is another somber and sobering look at the state of women in corporate America. While the current report focuses on “how the pandemic has changed what women want from their companies,…

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Setting first-time leaders up for success

Millennials are rising throughout the ranks and moving from individual contributors to front-line people managers and leadership positions. As we celebrate those promotions, Jeffery and Amanda take a look at training and how organizations prepare managers for success and how individuals can set themselves up to succeed in their new roles. Join them for a…

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