The EVOLVED Selling Model

The Evolved Selling Model is a visualization of the relational selling model that is at the core of SELLING TO MEN, SELLING TO WOMEN. By understanding the potential gender issues that may be present during the sales process, the sales professionals can avoid them and be more successful. Gender issues are present for both men and women during every step of the process. SELLING TO MEN, SELLING TO WOMEN gives you the tools you need to be more successful during each step.


Evolved Selling Model

A Few Examples of Gender Issues That are Usually Overlooked:

  • Planning for Success
    Men Selling to Women; have you even considered that gender differences may be present? (A tip guys, women have already thought about it!)
  • Establish the Relationship
    Women Selling to Men; women communicate 3 times as much as men, how can you cut your airtime by 66% and still develop a relationship? (And ladies, he really doesn’t want to talk sports with you!)
  • Discuss Issues
    Men Selling to Women; are women’s issues really different than men? (Well duh! And men, to a women, no really means no, so what will you do now?)