Father of a Daughter Initiative

This Father's Day Take the Father of a Daughter PledgeAs the Father of a Daughter, I realize that I have a responsibility to advocate for women in the workplace!

The Father of a Daughter Initiative is a voluntary opt-in program. You may be a senior leader, department head, supportive colleague or small business owner.

By opting in, you are committing to at least one of the following activities to demonstrate your commitment to advancing women and by default advocating for your daughters future.

After you have read the following merely click on the link at the bottom of the page to print out a PDF for you to sign and hang in your office. This single act will serve to demonstrate that female colleagues can approach you as a coach, mentor, sponsor and concerned father.

Father of a Daughter Initiative

As the Father of a Daughter, I pledge to do one or more of the following… 

  1. Portrait of a happy female graduate with flowers and father outside

    Seek to Understand. Find a female co-worker, someone I can have an honest conversation with, and listen to the experiences she is having as a woman in my company

  2. Mentor and Sponsor. Mentor a female co-worker. If applicable, become a sponsor for a woman
  3. Create a Business Case. Write a brief business case for my department or area of responsibility for women regarding revenue, talent or engagement and discuss it with my team once a month during the coming year
  4. Champion Gender Pay Equity. Deepen my understanding of my company’s HR practices, specifically gender pay equity issues and work to correct issues I discover
  5. Set An Example to Correct Bias. Act to correct micro bias; from simple things like always having a woman take notes, to women being talked over in meetings or other actions that serve to exclude women from conversations and activities
  6. Support Workplace Flexibility. Support and demonstrate workplace flexibility for all employees, so that women don’t feel they are being singled out for special treatment
  7. Offer Encouragement. I will encourage women to take more risks, volunteer for stretch projects, and discuss and support their developmental needs
  8. Encourage Qualified Women to Apply. Urge qualified women to interview for positions when they become available, and if you cannot find a qualified one, commit to developing a woman for the next opening
  9. Engage Other Men. Engage other fathers of daughters in the discussion of advancing women
  10. Be Visible. Demonstrate my commitment by joining/attending a women’s resource group or event


Click here to download and sign
“Father of a Daughter Pledge”