Father of a Daughter Initiative

This Father's Day Take the Father of a Daughter Pledge
Portrait of a happy female graduate with flowers and father outside

As the Father of a Daughter, I realize that I have a responsibility to advocate for women in the workplace!

The Father of a Daughter Initiative is a voluntary opt-in program. You may be a senior leader, department head, supportive colleague or small business owner.

By opting in, you are committing to at least one of the following activities to demonstrate your commitment to advancing women and by default advocating for your daughters future.

After you have read the following merely click on the link at the bottom of the page to print out a PDF for you to sign and hang in your office. This single act will serve to demonstrate that female colleagues can approach you as a coach, mentor, sponsor, and concerned father.

FOD pledge


Click here to download and sign
“Father of a Daughter Pledge 2016”


Women Championing Women Initiative

To build on the themes and momentum of the Father of Daughter Initiative we are launching the Women Championing Women Initiative to help women create powerful conversations in the workplace about gender, diversity, and advancement. 

There is also a gender neutral version of the pledge available — Advocating for Women. To participate simply, download and print a pledge. Agree to participate and commit to doing so in support of another person (a co-worker, sister, niece or a working mother) and hang it on your wall to let others know that you are an advocate. 


Click here to download and sign
“Women Championing Women Initiative”


Click here to download and sign
“Advocating for Women Initiative”


Looking for ideas to kick-start the conversation?

I recently developed a series called the Gender Conversation Quickstarters Newsletter. Each month, I share three topics that can serve to start open and honest conversations between men and women in the workplace. Importantly, each topic has a link to a video, white paper or article to share as pre-read. The topics can be used in your weekly staff meetings, for one-on-one conversations, for lunch and learn topics or at your women’s employee resource group. Additionally, the topics are designed to support your organization’s women’s leadership advancement strategy and development.