Win(e)d Down Wednesdays – A DEI Podcast

Win(e)d Down Wednesday with Jeffery Tobias Halter and Amanda Hammett

Calendar Some Win(e)d — Down Time Introducing Win(e)d Down Wednesdays — a podcast with Jeffery Tobias Halter and Amanda Hammett — a contemporary discussion on advocacy, inclusion and your role in driving change. Join them with your favorite wind-down beverage of choice. Your podcast hosts have created a brave and welcoming space for much-needed DEI…

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Millennials Are Calling For Greater Transparency. Are Companies Ready?

image of young women looking pensively out the window

Millennials Prioritizing Values and Taking Corporate America With Them Earlier this year, Deloitte US released its inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Transparency Report. In it, the company noted that its US workforce spans four generations with millennials composing the majority. In total, millennials and Gen Z represent 87.4 percent of professionals at less tenured levels within…

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Three Tips To Engage And Retain Millennial Women…and Men

The Three Keys to Retaining Millennial Women...and Men

Millennials are now the largest percentage of your workforce.  In fact, in 2020, the oldest millennials are now turning 40. These are no longer “kids,” but the people sitting at the doorstep of Middle Management and Senior Leadership. Is your company ready to retain and advance millennials? The 2019 McKinsey & Company Women in the…

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