If we are human, we have preconceived notions about people, and about each other, men and women. The EVOLVE Tool gives you a mental model to not pre-judge or jump to conclusions; this powerful tool will allow you to genuinely value the person, let you build better relationships, and write more business.

E Explore Personal Bias
V Genuinely Value the Person
O Remain Open Minded
L Listen with a Male & Female Ear
V Prepare to Validate Facts
E Engage/Empathize


The EVOLVE Tool is a mental six-point check list that will allow you to:

  • Discover and understand any gender bias you have and how they play out in the selling process
  • Understand how you may be ‘devaluing’ the customer without even knowing it
  • Turn off the ‘little voice in your head’ and remain open minded to all data being shared with you by the customer
  • Understand how to listen for facts and feelings
  • Validate what is truly important to the customer
  • Prepare a response appropriate for the customer