Empowering Differences with Ashley T Brundage

Each year in November, people and organizations participate in Transgender Awareness Week (and Month) to help raise the visibility of transgender people and address issues members of the community face. Our guest, leadership and empowerment expert and author, Ashley T Brundage, joins us to talk about how you can be an ally to the transgender…

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Ashley T Brundage on National Coming Out Day

Are you ready to empower your team to leverage their differences to win in the marketplace? While National Coming Out Day was originally geared specifically to the LGBTQ+ community, our guest Ashley T Brundage, empowerment expert and the author of “Empowering Differences,” suggests that it is an opportunity to connect and empower all people, especially…

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Understanding Gender Diversity: Intersectionality, Gender Expression and Identity.

Pride Month YWomen 2019

Why inclusive work cultures are the best possible way to attract and retain top talent. In my work advocating for the advancement of women, I often highlight the intersectionality of other dimensions of diversity. For example, you can’t talk about women without also discussing other dimensions of diversity such as race, age, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity. Why is…

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