Engaging Men (and Women) as Gender Advocates

Creating a Year-Long Dialogue on Advancing Women “We keep running BRG events, but we’re really not moving the needle. The company expects us to help lead the women’s strategy for the company, and yet I get very little money or resources. I have amazing committed volunteers, but it’s just not enough. Why is this so hard?”…

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10 Actions to Support Women of Color

YWomen - 10 Actions to Support Women of Color: It’s Time for Advocates to Step Up

It’s Time for Advocates to Step Up Dr. Bernice A. King stated in this thought-provoking interview with Caroline Fairchild, “I believe corporate America can be the people who save the soul of America.” As a corporate gender strategist, I believe corporate America can play an instrumental role in supporting and advancing all under-represented groups. In fact, it must.…

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Ready to Engage Male Allies and Advocates? Take the Quiz!

How do you find men who believe in and advocate for Gender Equity? With the #MeToo, #TimesUp and #MentorHer movements in the daily news and national conversation, many men are asking, “What can I do to better support women and demonstrate my advocacy for female colleagues?” Gender equity in the workplace continues to be framed…

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