Female Advisors More Likely to Be Punished For Misconduct

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Evidently, there’s less of a ‘second chance’ for female advisors fired for misconduct – even though male advisors usually get one, a new study claims.

TheStreet articleIf the National Bureau of Economic Research has its facts straight on investment industry bias against female financial advisors, Wall Street has a lot of explaining to do.

A study from the NBER says that female money managers are much more likely to lose their jobs after a misconduct incident than a male investment advisor.

The study, entitled “When Harry Fired Sally,” led by Gregor Matvos, a finance professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, states there are “substantial differences in the punishment of misconduct across genders.”

Recently, I spoke with Brain O’Connell about the conscious and unconscious bias that exists for women to read the full article follow this link.