Father of a Daughter Initiative and Father’s Day – Let’s Keep The Conversation Going

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Father of a Daughter Initiative + Special Why Women Book Offer for Father’s Day

I want to thank everyone for their interest in the Father of a Daughter Initiative and with more than 10,000 views (and counting) on Huffington Post and LinkedIn, it just goes to show that it’s time to act on women’s leadership issues.

If you are curious about what YOU can do to give women a shot at workplace equality, I have more ideas in my book WHY Women: The Leadership Imperative To Advancing Women and Engaging Men that I think you’ll find beneficial.

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WHY WOMEN is the ideal gift for your corporate dad, favorite boss, uncle or anyone who is interested in getting the conversation about women’s advancement unstuck and moving forward with a sense of urgency and an actionable plan.

Feel free to share this message with your friends. Let’s spread and word and keep the conversation going

We need more voices for the Father of a Daughter Initiative and we appreciate your support to urgently advance women’s leadership issues at the workplace.

To find out more about the Father of a Daughter Initiative and see how you can be part of this movement, click here.

Jeffery Tobias Halter is the country’s leading male expert on engaging men in women’s leadership issues. He is the author of two books, WHY WOMEN, The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men and Selling to Men, Selling to Women.

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