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Archive for February 2018

Is Monster the New Uber? The Similarities are Staggering.

Sexual harassment and hostile work environments continue to dominate the news Last February, I wrote the opinion piece, Five Lessons Companies Should Learn From Uber About Sexual Harassment, for HuffPost. At that time I noted, “Today, the bulls-eye falls on Uber and Silicon Valley, but tomorrow it may be your industry or company.” Nearly a year…

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Can the #MeToo Movement Make Real Changes in the Workplace?

BOLD TV interview with Jeffery Tobias Halter Do you think the #MeToo movement is making real changes in the workplace? Strategist and President of YWomen, Jeffery Tobias Halter stopped by #BoldBiz to discuss gender inequalities in the workplace and the impact of the MeToo movement. For years, Jeffery been advocating that it’s time to stop trying…

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Men Who Are Afraid to Mentor a Woman? Cut the Crap!

It’s time for more men to mentor women. #MentorHer Yesterday, those rumblings were confirmed in an update from Sheryl Sandberg and the Lean-in organization. We’ve heard talk in the wake of sexual harassment allegations and the #MeToo movement that men are uncomfortable mentoring, working alone or socializing with a woman, as it may be seen as inappropriate…

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