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Archive for September 2015

Why Is Diversity Important? Interview & Podcast

Emory Mlulling and Jeffery Tobias Halter podcast interview

Do you ever wonder why is diversity is important for businesses and organizations? Perhaps you’ve also wondered: How should we think about diversity? Is it just about hiring diverse individuals, or is it more holistic, extending to vendors, etc. There is an overall impression that increasing diversity sacrifices skills. Why are these so few women…

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Take The Lead: Conversation with Betsy Myers

Take the Lead Betsy Myers Jeffery Tobias Halter interview and podcast

Tips on how to be an advocate and an inclusive leader Recently, I was interviewed by Betsy Myers for her WebTalkRadio show. Here’s the podcast of the interview. 5 things to help men and women understand and unleash the power of women in organizations. Tips on how to be an advocate and an inclusive leader. How can…

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