Why Women?

WHY WOMEN – The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men

Three simple reasons to invest in women

  • grow revenue
  • improve operating profit
  • enhance company reputation.

WHY WOMEN is the first business book written by a man on how organizations need to harness their most valuable asset – women! To advance women organizations must engage men in the process. Through extensive research into the best practices of Fortune 500 companies Jeffery shows you how to create Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategies.



Ten Reasons You Must Read This Book

  1. To provide companies with a roadmap to Grow Revenue, Improve Operating Profit, and Enhance Company Reputation by leveraging the value of women in the marketplace and the workplace.
  2. To help you engage Senior Leadership (still 85% men in most companies) and find Male Champions, key leaders in organization who are ready and willing to support women.
  3. To understand what the $20 Trillion purchasing power of women globally means specifically to your company and how your Agency and your Sales Force may not be helping you to obtain your fair share.
  4. To explore the impact of The Field Factor and how it represents the #1 barrier to advancing women into the C-Suite.
  5. To unravel the HR Paradox and understand the critical HR processes necessary today to advance and retain all talent today.
  6. To arm you to have a business dialogue with your Sr. Leadership Team regarding measures, metrics, and accountability for success.
  7. To realize your Company Reputation is under attack and the unique role that women play in protecting it.
  8. To discuss the “Unmentionable’s” when it comes to corporate norms regarding men and women working together.
  9. To provide you with an action plan to create an Integrated Women’s Leadership Strategy to win today…and in the future.
  10. To demonstrate the sense of urgency needed to help your organization to prepare for the coming “Corporate Tsunami of Women”. (P.S. it’s already here for some companies)