Father of a Daughter Initiative and Father’s Day – Let’s Keep The Conversation Going

Father of a Daughter Initiative + Special Why Women Book Offer for Father’s Day

I want to thank everybody for their interest in the Father of a Daughter Initiative and signed the With more than 10,000 views (and counting) on Huffington Post and LinkedIn, it just goes to show that it’s time to act on women’s leadership issues.

If you . . .

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The One Thing Male Leaders CAN Learn From Mad Men

Say what you want about the portrayal of male leaders in the AMC hit series, Mad Men. Sexist? Yup. Pigs? Yup. Able to give tough feedback? YUP!

Don Draper may have been a creative genius who was a pain to work with, but he had a few redeeming moments during the show.

Like this one time in Season 4 where Peggy Olson goes to . . .

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